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I cherish my femininity, and claim my humanity.


Society is very demanding and puts a huge load of guilt and shame on our shoulders. say no, thank you. 

I am the author of my life, I get to change the story.

I create the calm, motivation, and love I need. 

Everyone is worth and unique, included me.


I choose to live intentionally and stop reacting to life. 

 I am free to change my mind, anytime.

I believe that LOVE always wins. And starts with oneself.



Love Hard, Live Softer

I believe that Love is definitely the force that move us forward. When we live 'love centered' nothing really feels wrong, right? Simple thought that had taken me to a whole different space! One small step in the right direction can take us far! 

I am grateful to get to work with so many loving women.

Bellow you can find a few projects very dear to my heart where I'm currently working on. Let's be friends and collaborate together to bring love, lightness and awareness to this world, your world.

A children's book collection of the stories of real women turned into fairy tales. Our goal is to challenge gender stereotypes in early childhood and inspire children to follow their dreams and find their strengths from within.

For every book purchased, we will be donating another one to organizations that fight illiteracy and empower girls.

The Creative Mamma Events

Collective soul. Creating space for mammas craving real connections & promoting radical love and acceptance through offline (in person) events. 

I strive to help other women like you connect with themselves. To help them get in touch with their true essence and create the life they want. To feel liberated. I can offer you different options to match your lifestyle and create the time you need for yourself.


Interested in a complimentary session?!

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