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stories of real women turned into fairy tales

our goal - to challenge gender stereotypes in early childhood and inspire children to follow their dreams and find their strengths from within.


our mantra - our diversity makes each one of us unique beings, equally capable of doing anything we set our minds to.


our values - determination, strength, braveness, cooperation, gratitude, freedom, perseverance, flexibility, personal development, self-respect, inner harmony, achievement, adventure, integrity, wisdom, spirituality, creativity, ...

one for one - for every book purchased, one will be donated!

starting from the beginning...

When my first son, Luca, came into my life, I felt a strong urge to do something to help make the world he’s inheriting a better place. I was aware of the power of our words, especially as parents, so I started looking at children’s books a bit deeper. Unfortunately I recognized various stereotypes present in existing children's stories. I remember thinking to myself, 'how can we expect things to change if we keep telling the same stories?' After some hesitation, I decided to be playful about the situation and create something that would make a good story to tell my kid one day! 


it all started with one book


I remember calling Andrea, my sister in law and partner in crime on this adventure. She has always been a big children’s advocate and didn't doubt for a second to jump into this adventure with me. We decided to write the first book of the collection, "Bessie, Queen of the Sky" inspired on the life of Bessie Coleman. We didn’t have experience in writing or publishing books, but our hearts spoke and we let ourselves go with the flow.  


we rebel together


To fund the project, we ran a Kickstarter campaign... the response was incredibly positive! It allowed us to connect with wonderful individuals that helped us move forward - from our illustrator and editor, to the last person that bought a copy - everyone fueled our motivation! 


We felt our campaign was a great exercise of togetherness - women and men coming together for equality and diversity. It is both powerful and beautiful to be part of this movement! We learned that becoming an activist only requires taking the initial step and then moving to the rhythm of your beliefs.


intentional moving


We are now a bigger team and are getting ready to launch a bigger collection in September. Our goal is to continue to grow a community of likeminded people who want to celebrate women and girls in our world. We invite you to get in touch and explore options to come together and collaborate!